Perfect Event Tools

Digital wireless Event Surveys

Still distributing, collecting and processing
paper surveys one by one?

Want direct feedback and the possibility to improve your attendee experience almost instantly?

We offer a solution for meeting and conference organizers in conducting surveys via mobile technology devices such as iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android, Tablet, Laptop, PC…


Your attendees can complete the survey on their own preferred platform!


No need to distribute pens and papers anymore or no need to rent expensive technology tools that have to be distributed.


– Surveys can be filled in whenever your attendees feel like it. Even starting a survey and picking up where they left, without losing any of the previous input.


– Link your attendees to the results or give your attendees anonymous feedback possibilities.


– Push survey invitations to your participants with a unique and personal log-in.


– Multiple surveys possible within the application, making it possible to have surveys for each room, session or speaker independently.


– Works over the Internet or over a local WiFi network.


– Export your results to Excel and create awesome, branded reports for you and even your participants.


– The only thing you need to do is provide us with the questions and answers, we’ll make sure they get in the application.


Integrate the survey in our interactive Q&A or any other technology you are using at your event

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