Perfect Event Tools

Digital wireless Event Surveys

Still distributing paper surveys? 

Still collecting and transcribing them one by one? 

Where is my pen?

Now i have the time to look at them: Ow, they are not sattisfied about room X. Next year we can fix that !?

We offer a system and an application assisting meeting and conference organizers in conducting surveys via mobile technology devices such as:

  • iPhone,
  • iPad,
  • BlackBerry
  • Android
  • PC
  • laptop
  • internet corners

Yes, they can use there own devices. You don’t have to rent laptops, booths, ipads. Just put a banner with the survey SSID or link somewhere or put it on all the mailings, brochures.


– Surveys can be filled in whenever they have time to do it, even partially and continue afterwards

– Can be anonymous

– Participants can recieve an invitation to participate with the survey with a unique login

– A survey for every day or for different rooms can be done

– can be internet based (give a link to the participants)

– can be WIFI based. (They just have to login to the right SSID given. example: survey room X) They connect and will be forwarded to the survey

– surveys can be setup days, weeks before and after the conference 

– export all the questions and answers to XLS format and some nice reports possible.

– Split surveys in 2: the same questions at the conference and then afterwards. The results are different and you can see it !!

– Just provide as with the questions and we will make the survey for you.You don’t have to do more then that.

– Surveys can be setup locally or remote. With or without our Wifi setup

– later on this can be used together with the interactive Q&A.

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