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Video and Streaming Solutions

Internet Streaming today is perceived as incredibly complicated and expensive. Our solutions are extremely cost effective and secure and you have the option to choose the package that is most suitable for your demands.

We can work with your AV team or deliver you a complete end-to-end service.
All we need from you is a stable Internet connection and even if that is not available at the venue, we have our own satellite dishes that we can use for direct processing and distributing of the feed.

Our solutions are useful for the following situations:

Live Events: conferences, training, interviews, press releases, kick offs, award ceremonies…

Training Environments: product demo’s, software seminars, in-class recordngs…

Corporate Video Productions at your event: teasers for next year, closing video’s edited onsite…

Possibilities are really endless so please feel free to contact us and ask for information or a quote.


Please find below a more detailed overview

Full Package Event Streaming

Using the latest technology, we can record and stream your event “on the fly”.


We can offer you a total solution package, which takes care of ALL your needs. We provide you with the camera’s, the mixing suite, the technicians and everything needed to get your event broadcasted.


Do you want a multi-cam environment with multiple cameraman and camera’s or are you looking for a high quality and cost effective solution with robotic controlled camera’s? Whatever you want, Triplus can deliver.


We mix your content as it is a professional TV broadcast.

Logo branding, Picture in Picture effects and integration of PowerPoint or movies, everything is possible and everything runs on our own balanced servers across the world over IIS8 mediaserver technology or and Wowza Media Server.


This service is a combination of Live Streaming, recording and video production and also offers you the possibility to offer Video On Demand

Live Streaming

We receive a direct audio and video feed from your AV company and broadcast this synchronised.


We do this embedded onto your own website or on a dedicated streaming website especially configured for your event.


Secure log-in for your viewers is possible and a full analytics report is standard so you know how many, when and from where people are logging in to your live event.


1 Triplus technician will set-up, operate and monitor the entire event .

Video On Demand


if you want to give everyone the possibility to experience your event, video on demand would be a very good way to do this.


Triplus takes care of the hosting on our own server space set-up world wide.

This means no commercials from other companies , no pop-ups but a dedicated website with on demand video from your event.  Another great advantage of this system is that we can offer this in any format you desire.  Optimize your website for mobile devices, for PC or whatever format suits your needs.


Make your event accessible to everyone on the web or have viewers register and give them a secure log-in. This way, your post-event can become a new source of revenue, as a pay-per-view system is possible.



No streaming but you want to record the event? Imagine what is possible with this footage; make your own highlight reel of the event, make a teaser for next year or give people the possibility to purchase the recordings after editing it into a professional looking coverage.


Delivery of the files is within 24 hours after your event and in the format you want, uncompressed or compressed.


Think about what you want to record, a full image of the speaker together with his slides and audio or only the slides and the audio. Everything is possible and you even have the option to have everything recorded independently and put the sources you want together in post production.

Video productions

Corporate Video Production – advertising, infommercial, promotion

We know that high quality professional video productions can be expensive so we utilize the latest video techniques and approaches to meet every budget. A professional video means high quality professional video camera’s, sound recording and post video production editing,graphics and output for web video or DVD.

Our professional freelance videographers are available for all types of live events including conferences, interviews and functions.

A professional video production can range from a 60 second power message to a much longer and more detailed video infommercial or interactive Public Information DVD.

We use a combination of advanced interviewing techniqes and state of the art equipment, camera and audio methods to capture your concept in a stunning corporate video.

Our professional videographers and professional video editors will seamlessly combine graphics, titles, animations, video music and sound effects into a single audio visual experience designed to motivate your target audience to act now!

Live Events – conferences, training, interviews, press releases

– Professional video recording of live events takes specialist skills. In a “one shot” environment you need experienced videographers who really know their stuff with advanced filming and interviewing techniques.

-Our team know how to prepare for these live events and to capture the shots that matter.

Training & Workforce – training materials, practice techniques

Our professional Directors and crew take special care with your training video’s to make sure all major concepts and messages are carefully delivered with maximum impact.

Aerial Video and photography

Whether it is a movie shoot, promotional video, or for real estate. We will deliver a service that exceeds your expectations. Utilizing drones, we can capture unique low altitude angles in positions that cannot be accessed by manned aircraft or helicopter. This allows for production of superior photos and video footage in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost.

Price example: video or photo footage for real estate starting from €150,- (ex. transport)