Perfect Event Tools

Video and Streaming Solutions

Internet Streaming today is perceived as incredibly complicated and expensive. Our solutions are extremely cost effective and secure.

We can work with your existing AV team or provide a complete end-to-end service. All what we need is an internet connection – if not we can use our satelitte dish. We can do the rest.

Event Streaming The full package

Using the latest technologies we can stream and ‘record on the fly’ your event. Cost effective robocams in HD can be put in the venue to get multiple angles, even manned cameras and steadycam are an option. We can record everything in multiple formats like: ProRes, H264, uncompressed for later use or post-production that we can do for you.

We can mix the content live like a real TV crew even with branding logo, layer thirds, PiP, and integration of the powerpoint or movies played at the venue.

We have our own balanced servers across the world running with smoothstreaming with DVR (playback, pause,..) running with IIS8 mediaserver or/and Wowza media server.

Only Stream

If you choose only to use our streaming services, no problem. We can take the video and audio feed from your crew and our  streaming specialist will broadcast your event.


– Direct feed from the AV crew to us.

– Webcast in different formats on your or our website

– secure login optional

– stream and record on the same time

– Analystics are available, at no extra cost.: who, how many, where from,..

– one technician required

Video on Demand

We can host all your videos on the web. On our server and embedded on your site or everything on our site.

This can be done in ALL formats: Iphone, Ipad, PC, tablets, …

We don’t use Vimeo or youtube because the content is not secure and what about all the banners and commercials. We think that’s not professional.


– All formats can be played/converted

– secured login or free for everybody

– smoothstreaming of all videos on differnt platforms

– playlists

– …

Only Recording

Streaming not needed? But you want the whole event recorded for later use? That can be done.

What can we do for you:

– record the sessions with audio + video + presentation

– record the sessions with audio + presentation

– you can get the files one hour after the meeting in the format you want.

Video productions

Here are some examples of what we do.

Corporate Video Production – advertising, infommercial, promotion

We know that high quality professional video productions can be expensive so we utilize the latest video techniques and approaches to meet every budget. A professional video means high quality professional video camera’s, sound recording and post video production editing,graphics and output for web video or DVD.

Our professional freelance videographers are available for all types of live events including conferences, interviews and functions.

A professional video production can range from a 60 second power message to a much longer and more detailed video infommercial or interactive Public Information DVD.

We use a combination of advanced interviewing techniqes and state of the art equipment, camera and audio methods to capture your concept in a stunning corporate video.

Our professional videographers and professional video editors will seamlessly combine graphics, titles, animations, video music and sound effects into a single audio visual experience designed to motivate your target audience to act now!

Live Events – conferences, training, interviews, press releases

– Professional video recording of live events takes specialist skills. In a “one shot” environment you need experienced videographers who really know their stuff with advanced filming and interviewing techniques.

-Our team know how to prepare for these live events and to capture the shots that matter.

Training & Workforce – training materials, practice techniques

Our professional Directors and crew take special care with your training video’s to make sure all major concepts and messages are carefully delivered with maximum impact.