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Wifi Rental and Network Solutions

Create a network covering your entire event enabling your attendees to promote the event over the internet and social media in real time!

Applicable at trade shows, meetings and public events. In existing venues or ad-hoc infrastructures, wherever you want a wireless network set up, it can be done.

Set-up different sub-networks for your event (attendee network, VIP network, Exhibitor network, organiser’s network, VOIP, …) and control them individually.

Our wireless LANs can effectively replace a traditional Ethernet set-up and let’s users experience the speed of a wired connection over Wifi.

Connect 100’s or 1000’s of individual devices to a local network or/and the internet.

Your attendees can move around freely without having to reconnect to different APs each time they enter a different room.

Cut down on costs and only get 1 centrole connection point for internet from your supplier, enabling you to distribute the signal however you want.

Increase revenue by adding sponsors oppertunities: direct your users to a landing page, use an exclusive log-in pop-up sdponsor,…

Open Wifi secure log-in or individual participants passwords, the possibilities are endless.

Ensure your event with high quality internet access instead of relying on existing and weak networks or even mobile data carriers or 3G network availability.

Some references:

A 3-level Wifi setup for sponsors and participants with different logins and speed. Connection to WLAN printers and different office in the whole venue (Rome, Italy –  Paris, France)

Deployement of wifi for all paticipants in the whole venue and dedicated bandwith to the internet for the Council of the European Union (Antwerp, Belgium) 

Deployement of wifi in 8 Halls with dedicated Internet for all participants (600 +) and sponsor Booths for the Genivi Alliance (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Wifi at different locations in Belgium For ‘Het grootste licht’ (De Standaard). Quiz with 4X400 tablets… more here

Wifi rental (local use) for Ipads, tablets, smartphones

and much more…

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