Perfect Event Tools

Wifi Rental and Large Scale Solutions

Our wireless LANs can effectively replace a traditional Ethernet set-up and provide users a wired experience over Wi-Fi.  Connect 100’s or 1,000’s of individual devices to a central point or the internet.It truly provides an ideal Wi Fi solution for:

  • trade shows
  • corporate annual meetings and conventions
  • events for hundreds of participants, up to tens of thousands of attendees
  • meetings where participants need to be able to stay connected while moving freely throughout a large convention center or to attend breakout sessions or workshops
  • local websites and apps can be seen without use of the internet. (floormaps, sponsorpages,…)
  • meeting venues where 3G is slow, inefficient, unreliable or impeded by environmental factors and more.
  • Venues where they ask extra money for every connection is now over, just use one line for the whole venue.
  • Secure log-in and individual login password can be set-up
  • Possibility before the login to show a sponsorlogo or redirect to a specific website
  • Outdoor events
  • VoIP
  • Local streaming video with Wifi
  • Sport-events indoor and outdoor


A 3-level Wifi setup for sponsors and participants with different logins and speed. Connection to WLAN printers and different office in the whole venue (Rome, Italy –  Paris, France)

Deployement of wifi for all paticipants in the whole venue and dedicated bandwith to the internet for the Council of the European Union (Antwerp, Belgium) 

and much more…

To explore a  wireless LAN rental for your next corporate event, contact us today.